CapCut Fonts Download – How to Import & Add Fonts to CapCut?

The fonts are the main element in your digital or printed content that determines how much your content will be liked by readers. They play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of readers to your content; therefore, we’re here with Capcut Fonts Download.

In addition, the Aesthetic CapCut Fonts enhance the value of your text and add attractiveness to your visual content. The rest factors such as color, size, and height of fonts depend on your creativity level that how you use them to make your content appealing.

Capcut provides hundreds of stylish fonts itself and also allows users to import their desired fonts from other websites. So, they can import multiple fonts from other sites to add to their images and videos with the help of Capcut MOD APK.

Due to this reason, we’ll provide the best Capcut Fonts for edits and will discuss how to import fonts to CapCut on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and others. Furthermore, we’ll tell you how to delete fonts on CapCut and how to add fonts on CapCut PC in detail.

CapCut Fonts Download List

Here’re some top trending fonts for CapCut:

  • Arabic Fonts
  • Akira Expanded Fonts
  • Horror Fonts
  • Coolvetica Fonts
  • Lemon Milk Fonts
  • Stranger Things Fonts
  • Modern Fonts
  • Typer Fonts
  • Nunito Fonts
  • Barlow Fonts
CapCut Fonts Download

1. Arabic Fonts CapCut

Millions of people want to use Arabic Fonts in their videos and images to make their content understandable for Arabs. Some Arabic Fonts for CapCut are now trending these are Janna, Kufi, Almarai, Traditional Arabic, Diwani, and others.

2. Akira Expended Font CapCut

This font is generally used to show header (main) text on websites, so you can also use in your images and videos to deliver some important message. You can also use other alternatives to Akira Expended Font like Redfive, Work Sans, etc.

3. CapCut Horror Font

To make your videos and images scary, you can utilize horror fonts in your content with the help of CapCut. You can utilize bloody and dripping fonts in CapCut and can also import other horror fonts in CapCut from outside according to your desire. 

4. Coolvetica Font CapCut

Coolvetica Font, a sans-serif typeface designed and introduced by Typodermic Fonts, is becoming very famous on CapCut due to its engaging look. You can utilize it for writing funking headings, text, titles, attractive names, quotes, paragraphs, and others.

5. Lemon Milk Font CapCut

CapCut Fonts Lemon Milk, a modern sans-serif typeface, is liked by professional people. Lemon Milk Font for CapCut is often used in various design projects, such as packaging, branding, and advertising, where a fresh and vibrant look is desired.

6. Stranger Things Font CapCut

The font used in the title of the TV series “Stranger Things” is called “ITC Benguiat.” It’s a serif font with distinctively curved and stylized letterforms, giving it a retro and nostalgic feel. So, you can use it to make your content attractive and engaging.

7. Modern Font CapCut

This font is also admired by millions of content creators in the world due to its engaging look. You can use modern CapCut Fonts Download like roboto, gotham, poppins, proxima, and others in your content to make it informative.

8. Typer Font CapCut

CapCut Text Fonts have gained incredible popularity among Youtubers and Vloggers likewise to CapCut Templates like Halloween Template, Diwali Template CapCut, and Navratri Template, because attractive fonts are used to promote affiliated products in their videos and images. Typer is mostly used by content creators in their videos.

9. Nunito Font CapCut

You can also use Nunito Font in your images and videos but it’s not good to use in starting paragraph, because it’s not up-to-date font. You can use CapCut Fonts Download to make logos and can also use to make text-based images.

10. Barlow Font CapCut

Barlow is a modern font that you can find in CapCut. Barlow is a versatile sans-serif font designed by Jeremy Tribby. It features a clean and geometric design with rounded terminals, giving it a friendly and approachable appearance.

How to Import & Add Fonts to CapCut?

Here’s a brief guide on how to add fonts to CapCut:

Search for a font website:

Look for websites that offer free fonts for download.

Browse and select a font:

Explore the available fonts and choose the one you like. Preview the font by typing your own text.

Download the font:

Click the download button or link associated with the font. It’ll typically be downloaded as a ZIP file. Despite downloading fonts from here, you can also learn how to fix CapCut No Internet Connection Issue.

Extract the font files:

Locate the downloaded ZIP file, right-click, and select “Extract All” (Windows) or double-click (Mac) to extract the font files.

Import the font:

After extracting the file, open the main menu and press the option “Text” and now, select the option “Add Text”. After that, tap the “Style Option” and the “+” icon will appear in front of you, so to open the custom font import menu click the icon.

Use the font in CapCut:

Now, select the downloaded font from the font import section to use it in your project. Despite getting amazing CapCut fonts, you can also make your own template by learning the blog on how to make a template on CapCut.

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How to Delete Fonts on CapCut?

Here’s a step by step guide to delete Fonts on CapCut:

  • Open the CapCut app on your device.
  • Tap on the “+” icon to select an existing project.
  • In the editing interface, locate the text element that uses the font you want to delete.
  • Tap on the text element to select it.
  • Look for the font settings or options panel, usually located at the bottom or top of the screen.
  • In the font settings, you should find a dropdown menu or a list of available fonts.
  • Scroll through the font list and select a different font that you want to use and press the delete button to remove the old font.
  • Now, it’s deleted, so use your desired font.

Final Words

CapCut Fonts Download provides the most trending fonts to its users to make their videos appealing. From this site, you not only get CapCut Fonts but also learn how to add new font on CapCut PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

We’ve shared all the beneficial information about CapCut Fonts Download in this post. So, you should download fonts for CapCut from without giving a single penny to us and you must make your videos engaging. For any query, comment below.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Click on the “Text” option in the main menu.
  • Select “Add Text”.
  • Click on “Style”.
  • You will see a plus icon “+“.
  • Click on this icon to open the font import menu.

Of course, you can get font files for CapCut from our website, because CapCut Fonts Free Download option is available here.