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The infectious beats of the remix featuring “Nainowale Ne” have catapulted the song “People” by Libianca into the spotlight, garnering immense attention on Instagram and TikTok. The tune has become a sensation, racking up views and gaining momentum in the social media realm.

Notably, the track has also spawned a popular mashup titled “I Walked in the Room X Main Behosh.” But here’s the real scoop: Social media influencers are seizing the moment, crafting a multitude of engaging videos using the People CapCut Templates, and now, the creative stage is yours to conquer!

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People CapCut Template Links

How to Use People Template CapCut?

Here’s a complete guide on how to use People CapCut Template:

  • Install & Open CapCut

First of all, install the new version of CapCut MOD APK and open it to start editing.

  • Create a New Project “+”

Tap the “+” icon to start a project in CapCut on your device.

  • Select a Video

Now, choose a video from the device of your gallery that you aspire to edit.

People CapCut Template
  • Choose People Template

As you know, there are multiple People templates on our site, so select a desired template according to your preferences.

  • Customize the Template

Now, make some modifications based on your interests in the selected template if you want.

  • Add Additional Edits

In addition, you can also edit heartfelt transitions, fonts, effects, songs, and others to your videos, so its up to you.

  • Review Your Edits

If everything is down, now open your video in new tab to review your edits.

How to use people capcut template
  • Save & Share Your Video

Finally, you can save and can directly share your edited video with your friends.